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  1. Columbia Plane Boat
  2. Columbia Mark


Patents prepared by MKG, LLC (formerly Michaud-Kinney Group, LLP)

The most current and detailed list of issued patents for the Michaud-Kinney Group:


Selected Samples of Our Work:

# PAT. NO. Title
1. 7,477,719 Control rod and a control rod blade for a boiling water reactor
2. 7,477,574 Decorative body driving mechanism
3. 7,476,557 Roll-to-roll fabricated light sheet and encapsulated semiconductor circuit devices
4. 7,476,266 Apparatus for cleaning of gas
5. 7,473,329 Method, use and device concerning cladding tubes for nuclear fuel and a fuel assembly for a nuclear pressure water reactor
6. 7,465,341 Apparatus for cleaning of a gas
7. 7,462,969 Electromagnetic actuator with external coils
8. 7,461,458 Wet shaving razor
9. D581,595 Safety razor handle
10. D581,594 Safety razor handle
11. D581,593 Safety razor handle
12. 7,455,811 Brazing material and brazed products manufactured therewith
13. 7,455,327 Coupling device
14. D581,098 Nail clipper
15. 7,446,279 Log splitter
16. 7,441,966 Shutter and optical apparatus having the same
17. 7,427,782 Roll-to-roll fabricated light sheet and encapsulated semiconductor circuit devices
18. 7,422,381 Shutter apparatus and optical apparatus having the same
19. 7,419,644 Flow directing insert for a reactor chamber and a reactor
20. D575,455 Pedicure file
21. 7,413,179 Bookbinding apparatus, bookbinding system and image formation processing system
22. 7,413,078 Dispenser for razor cartridges
23. 7,410,456 Method of purifying contaminated oil in a centrifugal separator using a separation aid and starting liquid
24. 7,410,099 Apparatus and method for reading and decoding information contained in a barcode
25. 7,410,065 Membrane for the separation of material mixtures and method for production thereof
26. 7,409,767 Razor handle
27. 7,387,320 Pressure relief cap
28. 7,385,320 Step motor
29. 7,378,124 Organic and inorganic light active devices and methods for making the same
30. D569,551 Safety razor
31. 7,374,470 Knife sharpening apparatus
32. D569,040 Safety razor handle
33. D569,039 Safety razor handle
34. D569,038 Safety razor
35. 7,373,518 Operation of a security module in a card reader
36. 7,370,419 Replacement cartridge for a razor assembly
37. D568,541 Trimmer
38. D568,540 Safety razor handle with trimmer
39. D568,539 Safety razor handle with trimmer
40. D568,538 Safety razor handle
41. D568,537 Safety razor handle
42. D568,536 Safety razor
43. D568,535 Safety razor
44. D568,534 Safety razor with trimmer
45. 7,363,715 Razor assembly
46. D567,029 Bowl and base assembly
47. 7,357,052 Zirconia based blades and foils for razors and a method for producing same
48. D565,905 Plate and base assembly
49. 7,339,421 Differential circuit and receiver with same
50. 7,338,546 Centrifugal separator for cleaning gas generated by an internal combustion engine and a method for operating the same



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